Why Do Some Girls Become Social Escorts In Singapore?

sg girl becoming social escort

There are different reasons why some girls in Singapore become social escorts. Despite escort services being an old industry, there are lots of new social escorts joining daily. Here are some popular reasons why Singaporean girls join agencies.

Funding their university studies

They want to fund their university studies. University fees are one of those few things where prices raise by a whopping $400 per year of university enrollment (after subsidies) in Singapore steadily. In spite of that, many Singaporeans still enroll in universities. Therefore, to cope with tuition loan, since most people in Singapore stay in HDBs and are not exactly loaded with lots of cash easily, the children generation will need a tuition fee loan and pay it off. Some students are lucky that their parents will pay it for them. Others are nowhere as lucky. Therefore, these girls take matters into their own hands, and work part time as escorts as well as random jobs to pay off their tuition loan.

Build up savings/investment cash

Some more ambitious girls want to build up a sizeable amount of cash so that they can easily start any business they so wish to. More people in Singapore are also becoming entrepreneurs, and since most businesses require some form of cash to start, some Singaporean girls work as a female escort model in Singapore to quickly generate cash. Some girls also use this cash as a savings and investment safety net. After all, Singapore’s cost of living is very high.

Buy materialistic and beautiful luxurious items

Some Singaporean girls want to buy fancy handbags, drive a car sooner than their similar aged peers. Most of these girls work as social escorts on a part time basis on top of their full time office day job. When the girls make $2000 to $4000 per month from their day job, and double that from their escort services earnings, it will mean that they can easily afford occasional luxuries. After all, which girls do not want the beautiful things in life?

Why not make extra money?

Some girls are slightly ‘older’ and are around age 30. Although this is the higher end in terms of age range when it comes to escorts, there are still girls aged in their late 20s to around 30 working as social escorts and being very successful at it! Most of these girls have decided that they are no longer in a hurry of being attached or perhaps do not even want to get married at all. In that case, why not work as an escort, meet more rich and successful men and then make a lot of money in the meantime?