AMCGJ Escorts is a newly established social escort agency in Singapore. Specializing in local SG social escorts, you can find the most beautiful local Singaporean ladies with our female escort agency.

Unlike other agencies, we look down on bait and switch methods or endless hyping up of our models. There are companies which tend to over hype every single escort they have on their website, or they will send you a somewhat similar looking (but different) model from the provided photos. This is an unethical behavior and we do not support it.

Also, unlike independent escort websites, we verify the looks and details of each and every single escort applicant so that you as a client will be ensured details accuracy at all times for your chosen escort. We believe in truth builds trust.

(Please note that agencies in Singapore are strictly not allowed to arrange for any kinds of sexual services. If you contact us with such a request, you will be declined service. Make sure to agree to our terms before we will accept your booking / enquiry.)